Come for the History & Stay for the Fun

Bristol Borough is defined by historic periods of boom, bust, and rebirth. Yet all three are intertwined with the people who live, work, and visit here. It’s because they respect its rich past, enjoy the offerings of its present, and share a vision for its future.


Rich, Diverse Culture

Bristol Borough honors the talents, contributions, and customs of a diverse population in a variety of ways including four significant monuments at Riverfront Part and several community celebrations. On the calendar each year to honor Bristol Borough’s cultures include: African American Day, Celtic Heritage Festival, Italian Day Festival, and Puerto Rican Festival.

Accessible Riverfront

The waterfront is easily accessible by boat, car, or on foot and is the cornerstone of activity for the people of Bristol Borough and visitors. The new day slips at Riverfront Park provide boat mooring for those eager to make this scenic location a destination for shopping, dining or touring!

Historic Beauty

Preservation of the past is evident everywhere in Bristol Borough and vestiges of its prominence as a way station for the New York to Philadelphia stagecoach, ferry landing, transportation hub, and early industrial center remain. The King George II Inn, Canal Park, Grundy Woolen Mill, Grundy Library and the many historic homes on Radcliff are just a few of the residential and commercial buildings within the Borough’s historic district. Many structures here date back to the early 18th century.